Campsite Crew

The Campsite Crew is one of the many the hard working and dedicated groups at Camp Rosenbaum. Lead by Yaki and Saddlemaker, this team works year round to provide a unique part of the Camp Rosenbaum experience.

At Campsite, they teach campers that they all have worth in this world and that taking care of animals builds loyalty between animals and their owners. In the wild, horses are essentially protective of the members of their herd similar to how wild dogs are pack animals and are protective members of their pack. Animal owners become part of the animal’s pack by the way they treat the animals and building trust, or loyalty.

Thank you for helping us raise money for Camp Rosenbaum and supporting our Campsite Crew. Don’t forget to cheer for us on May 20th!

Team Members: Brian James (Yaki), Lauretta James (Saddlemaker), Elijah Olson (Farmhand), Suzi Cloutier (Roadkill), Kelly Barton



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