Murder at the Four Deuces


Don and MeMe Wannabe are hosting the grand opening celebration for their new Speakeasy, The Four Deuces, and you are invited to attend. The Four Deuces is a lavish juice joint serving booze and music in the front. In the back is the game room, and upstairs is a very high-class and exclusive brothel. The cream, and not so cream, of society, will be here. With gangsters, politicians, dolls, molls, and many other interesting guests in attendance, this event is sure to be the bee’s knees.

Join us on Saturday, August 17th, 2024, from 6-9pm in Vancouver, Washington for a Murder Mystery Dinner where murder and mayhem are served up with delicious delights and spirits. Characters that are still available are: Vicky Ravioli, Mayor “Big Bill” Bumpkin, and Cash Steal.

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